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Venice Suspension and Shock Repair

Suspension and shock repair

The suspension system of your car, truck, or RV is made up of two primary parts: the shocks and the struts.

The suspension system's purpose is to absorb dips and bumps in the road, and to also compensate for uneven terrain, so that you and your passengers don't feel changes in the surface of the roadway quite as much.

Without a functioning suspension system, your drive won't be smooth anymore, especially on bumpy surfaces. If you're driving on gravel without a working suspension, your teeth are going to be rattling.

The shocks are basically hydraulic sticks filled with fluid that compensate for bumps in the road. They are there to minimize the bouncing involved with the spring inside the strut and to provide a smoother ride.

The struts are just large cylinders with springs inside of them to help stabilize the car. They also help hold the wheel in place.

If your shocks or struts in the suspension are worn out, then your car will tend to bump or bounce around more than it should and actually cause a safety concern to your driving. You need to get it fixed, but don't risk your safety driving to an auto shop or waste money on a tow; instead, call Rolling Auto Service, the only mobile repair service in Venice, for suspension or shock repair.

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