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Venice Fuel Injection Service

fuel injection system

The fuel injection system in your car or truck is the system whereby fuel is mixed with air. Fuel injection systems have largely replaced the older and now obsolete carburetor system.

The carburetor cannot match the fuel injection system simply because the fuel injection system can produce much more pressure because it forces the fuel through a very small opening.

It is especially important to service your fuel injection system on a regular basis; the high pressure nature of the system and the resultant narrow opening means that the fuel injection system is naturally prone to blockage from a buildup of fuel deposits.

You need to clean or repair the fuel injection system to prevent this because if it gets blocked up and chokes off the fuel flow, your engine will stall out.

If your car or truck has trouble starting, responds sluggishly when you give it gas, sounds different than normal, stalls, or skips, then you may have a fuel injection problem.

If you want your car or truck to idle smoothly, sound great, accelerate properly, create less emissions, and get better gas mileage, and you live in or are visiting Venice, fuel injection service is as simple as calling Rolling Auto Service. Once you call us, we take care of the rest, as we are the only auto shop in Venice that comes to you!

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